Here are related books and articles that can add to the understanding of the Armenian experience in Asia.

 Author                                                                Book Title

Andrew G. Bostom, MD                     The Legacy of Jihad – Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims

British Media Testimony                    The Armenian Massacres 1894-1896                       Edited by Arman J. Kirakossian

M. Chahin                                          The Kingdom of Armenia

Jung Chang and Jon Halliday             Mao: The Unknown Story

Erich Feigl                                          Armenian Mythomania

John D. Gartner                    The Hypomanic Edge: The Link between (a little) Craziness   and (a lot of) Success.

Richard G. Hovannisian (editor)       Armenian Kars and Ani

Aida Kouyoumjian                  Between the Two Rivers – A Story of the Armenian Genocide

Henry Morgenthau                 The Murder of a Nation

Orhan Pamuk                         Snow  (A novel set in Kars)

Robert Ker Porter                 Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, Ancient Babylonia, etc., during the Years 1817-1820.

Peter C. Whybrow                American Mania: When More Is Not Enough

Robert Whymant                   Stalin’s Spy: Richard Sorge and the Tokyo Espionage Ring




Author                                            Article                                           Publication source

 Edwin Gerard              The Hamamdjians and Amirayans of Cairo

Virginia Meltickian         Pictorial History of the Armenians in China 1919-1945       Fresno State Armenian studies

Fr. Vazken Movsesian  The Armenian Church and China Armenian             Orthodoxy

Nick Ohanjanian Sr.     Armenians once upon a time in China               The Armenian Weekly, Saturday October 16. 1982

Hank Topfer                 The Story of the Sinking of the “Conte Verde”.    An Interview with Colonel William D. Hopson


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